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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00001Image AB00001G-APYXPiper PA-23 250 Aztec [27- 105]Shell-Mex & BP Ltd
AB00002Image AB00002G-ARHJPiper PA-23 150 Apache [23- 369]
AB00003Image AB00003G-ASTEPiper PA-23 250 Aztec [27-2557]
AB00004Image AB00004G-ASNAPiper PA-23 250 Aztec B [27-2451]
AB00005Image AB00005G-ASHCPiper PA-23 160 Apache [23-1319]Southend Airport
Thanks to Jim Brazier for identifying the location.
AB00006Request PreviewG-ASSAPiper PA-30 Twin Comanche [30- 421]
AB00007Request PreviewG-ARBNPiper PA-23 160 Apache [23-1385]
AB00008Request PreviewG-AVZTPiper PA-31 Navajo [31- 86]Plessey
AB00009Request PreviewN7804BNorth American T-6 TexanFort Lauderdale 24/7/76
AB00010Request PreviewBuNo 3073Vought OS2U-2 KingfisherUSN [55]
North Carolina / 55
AB00011Request Previewcivil markings [N12905]Consolidated B-24 LiberatorConfederate Air Force
AB00012Request PreviewN414HFord 5-AT-C Tri-Motor[The Kansas Clipper]Oshkosh 3/8/73
'The Kansas Clipper'
AB00013Image AB00013USN :33 [N33BM]Grumman TBM-3C AvengerOshkosh 3/8/73
'Riverfront Trolley' [Wings folded]
AB00014Request PreviewBuNo 93879 [N4994V]Grumman F6F-5 HellcatOshkosh 3/8/73
AB00015Request Preview453095 [N9005R]Lockheed P-38 Lightning[Der Gabelshwanz Teufel...]Oshkosh 3/8/73
'Der Gabelshwanz Teufel...'
AB00016Request PreviewN2969CBeech T-34A MentorOshkosh 3/8/73
AB00017Request PreviewN419JBeech D17SOshkosh 3/8/73
AB00018Request PreviewNC431KFleet Model 11Oshkosh 3/8/73
AB00019Request PreviewN271YCurtiss-Wright FledglingOshkosh 3/8/73
AB00020Request PreviewN123HCGreat Lakes 2T-1AHerb CombsOshkosh 3/8/73
AB00021Request PreviewNC-105-WLockheed Vega 5cWinnie MaeOshkosh 3/8/73
AB00022Request PreviewCF-BAIJodel D.150 Mascaret
AB00023Request PreviewN2FLStolp SA 500 Starlet
AB00024Request PreviewN27VVRutan VariViggen
AB00025Request PreviewN18911Ryan SCW-145 [205]
AB00026Request PreviewN1879Homebuilt Ol' Ironsides XS-1
AB00027Request PreviewN1343Wickham B [1]
Homebuilt high wing twin with fixed tricycle u/c
AB00028Request PreviewN5977LGrumman American AA
AB00029Request PreviewN337XBowers 1A Fly Baby
AB00030Request PreviewN1111WHuff Huffaire Monoplane
AB00031Request PreviewN29337Waco VPF-7
AB00032Request PreviewN69MDruine D.31 Turbulent [PFA 1601]
AB00033Request PreviewN9395Davis D-1-85
AB00034Request PreviewN2179Fournier RF-4D
AB00035Request PreviewVH-AATMiles M.3D Falcon Six
AB00036Image AB00036N8715TBoeing 707TWAHeathrow
AB00037Request PreviewN2231BLuscombe T.8F Observer
AB00038Image AB00038G-APVHArmstrong Whitworth AW.650 Argosy 101 [AW.6655]Armstrong WhitworthSBAC Farnborough
AB00039Request PreviewOY-ACBKramme & Zeuthen KZ VIII [202]
AB00040Image AB00040HB-EEFMiles M.65 GeminiShoreham
AB00041Image AB00041G-ASSVKensinger Kf [2]Shoreham
AB00042Request PreviewG-AVNHBölkow Bo.208c Junior [655]Shoreham
AB00043Request PreviewG-AVLNBeagle B.121 Pup 2 [B121-004]Beagle AircraftShoreham
AB00044Request PreviewG-APVJPercival P.66 Pembroke [HPAC/2/114]SBAC Farnborough
AB00045Request PreviewG-ANFWde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [85660]
AB00046Request PreviewG-AOREDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 [C1/0206]Exeter Flg Club [Exeter]Exeter 28/7/63
AB00047Request PreviewG-ARLGAuster D.4/108 [3606]Beagle AircraftRearsby
AB00048Image AB00048G-ANYNde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [85083]Surrey AviationCroydon pre 1960
Less wings in Croydon hangar. Crashed Le Tourquet, France, 30/07/1960
AB00049Image AB00049F-BGCCDe Havilland 82a Tiger Moth I DH 82a Tiger Moth [86480]
AB00050Image AB00050G-ASXFBrantly 305 [1014]BEAS (CSE)Kidlington